Learn about Jazz on the Green

Lil Fire Lady Productions, LLC and Scarlett Production, LLC is giving back to our community through our annual “Jazz on the Green” concert event.  Our vision is to work with and be a positive influence in the Sacramento and surrounding region in the arts, by providing a venue for mainstream / improvisational jazz musicians and non-musicians to showcase and exhibit their works and creations.

The first annual “2014" Jazz on the Green premiered September 27, 2014, featuring Wycliffe Gordon, Sacramento State University's Latin Jazz Ensemble, Virginia Ayers-Dawson, and  Vivian Lee.  We were honored to have the sound engineering students from Pinnacle College provide the sound and engineering for the equipment.

"2015" Jazz on the Green will donate a portion of the proceeds to a local non-profit organization and present a grant  for the educational needs of a graduating music student.

Jazz, food and wonderful people is the perfect combination for a great day!


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